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Kitchen Remodeling

Complete kitchen remodeling provided by a licensed contractor. When working with our experts, we will use your space and your budget as a jumping off point to provide many different options, styles, and materials for your remodel. Turn your current kitchen into the kitchen you've been dreaming of. Visit our portfolio to view before and after pictures.

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Kitchen Remodeling Design


We will work with you to design the ideal kitchen for your home. We will walk you through every different type of product available, explain to you why certain materials or designs will work better or worse for your space, and come up with the perfect finished product design. We will then give you a schedule and a plan to ensure we remodel your kitchen professionally and within the desired budget and timeframe.

Kitchen Countertops


A great countertop will be the most noticeable change to your kitchen as it takes up the most space. There are many different countertop options and our team will work with you to provide ideas that are within your budget and match what you're looking for. Whether you're looking for marble, granite, or quartz stone countertops or even wood, concrete, or steel, we can find you the ideal material and style to complete your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets


New kitchen cabinets are something everyone wants when they do a remodel. This could mean adding all new cabinets, replacing the doors, updating the colors with a fresh coat of paint, or even just changing up the hardware. No matter how we do it, it is important to maximize the budget to get you the best new cabinets for your money while also installing cabinets that complement your new kitchen style.

Kitchen Appliances


New appliances are going to add the most noticeable characteristics to your remodeled kitchen. Depending on the style and finish of your new appliances, your home can take on a modern look with stainless steel or slate, or warmer looks with colored finishes. A new appliance package will also help expand your cooking areas with an updated cooktop and storage areas with a more modern refrigerator. We can help you decide on the best new appliances and recommend brands to fit the style that fits your new space.

Kitchen Flooring Design


The kitchen floor needs to be both comfortable and functional while matching and complementing the rest of the kitchen. Deciding which material to use will depend on many things including the style you're looking for as well as how it will fit into your kitchen. Some of the most popular options include porcelain and ceramic tiles, engineered hardwood, cork, laminate, and even vinyl. No matter what material you want to use, we will find the best one to match your kitchen.

Kitchen Tilework Design


A unique tile backsplash is something that can add contrast and character to any kitchen. There are hundreds of different options to complement everything from the flooring, the appliances, the countertop, and even the sink and faucet. Our team can help narrow down the options and find the ideal style and material that will look best in your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Design


When updating the kitchen, it is important that we do not neglect the opportunity to add new lighting to the space. This could mean changing the layout of the lights to create a new atmosphere, updating to something modern or even LED lighting everywhere, installing flush mount lights to showcase certain areas, or adding a variety of new ceiling light fixtures. We can work with you to design the best new lighting layout for your area.

Kitchen Ventilation


There are many different types of kitchen ventilation systems. Whether you want to install a large exhaust hood mounted on the wall or ceiling, or a concealed wall or ceiling mounted fan, it is important that it serves the function of removing smoke and odors from the kitchen. These fans and systems come in a variety of styles, designs, and mounting locations to fit the locations of your appliances.

Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

Sinks and Faucets

The sink is another big focal point of every kitchen and it is important to find one that both serves a purpose and complements your new space. Whether you're looking for a large farmhouse sink, a double well, or even triple well sink, we can find one that is both functional and looks great. When adding a faucet you also want it to match the space, the sink, and the style or theme of the new kitchen. With options from every brand, we can help track down the best faucet.

Kitchen Painting Design


An often overlooked design element in kitchens is new paint. Many times people want the appliances, cabinets, and countertops to add all the color but the perfect complementing paint job can completely change the atmosphere and character of the kitchen. When our design team is looking at the big picture of all the materials and colors for the kitchen remodel, we can find colors that will complement everything.

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