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Total kitchen and bathroom remodeling services done by a licensed contractor. We will start by inspecting the area and discussing your budget for the project. Once this is determined, we can create a plan of action that has a variety of ideas and available options you can choose from to keep in your budget and providing you the finished project you're wanting. Please visit our bathroom and kitchen remodeling gallery to see before and after pictures.

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Bathroom Remodeling Design in Decatur


The first step in any bathroom or kitchen remodeling project is having a good design. Whether you're building an entire kitchen from nothing, building a kitchenette, redoing a closet bathroom, or revamping the master bathroom, you will need a good design in place first. When working with our experts, we will create a variety ideas that work with your budget utilizing a variety of materials and plans to fit your available space and ultimate goals. In the end we want to make sure you are satisfied with the remodeling project.

Replacement Kitchen Countertops in Decatur

Replacement Countertops

Adding new counters in your kitchen or bathroom is a simple option to add expressive color and detail to the space. With a variety of different materials, designs, available shapes, and patterns, an updated countertop is something you want. We can examine the space to decide what design will work best in your space as well as complement the additional materials that will be installed. It is important that everything works together in your space.

Replacement Kitchen Cabinets in Decatur

Replacement Cabinets

When looking to add something that is both attractive and functional, the cabinets are a great area to start. They create a unique style to your kitchen or bathroom and the colors can accent or improve the area to add a new feel. In addition to the visual appeal, you will now have extra much needed storage locations. If you do not want to add new cabinets, we can also repaint your existing cabinets to reduce the cost and still improve the look.

Wall Decor and Tile Kitchen Flooring in Decatur

Wall Decor and Tile Flooring

New flooring is desired for nearly all remodeling projects. No matter if you want to install hardwood in the kitchen or fresh tilework in the bathroom, new flooring is one of our most popular services. Replacement flooring can really bring the whole room together. When coupled with fresh wall decoration, wall tiles, or paneling, the room can be updated just from introducing some missing colors or accent pieces to the space. We can offer a number of complementary ideas for wall and flooring materials.

Replacement Bathtubs in Decatur

Replacement Bathtubs

Adding a new bathtub can greatly add to the comfort level of the bathroom. Often times, we are replacing built in tubs with a free standing variant or smaller tubs with bigger whirlpool or soaking tubs. When comparing the tubs to use we can evaluate the size and available space in the bathroom as well as the costs to evaluate which tub will work best. Even though there are many options and equally as many different materials, we can find a bathtub that will both fit well in your area and is cost effective.

Showers in Decatur


Updating the shower is one of the most frequent services we provide for a bathroom remodeling project. We will usually find people are dissatisfied with their existing shower because it is not big enough, too old, not very attractive, or they feel it just doesn't work well in their bathroom. We can add a new, more expansive shower that will provide you with the much needed space you've been wanting. We also create custom-made glass enclosed showers that can show off the tile work inside. It does not matter what type of shower you want, we can design and build it.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Decatur, GA
Trusted Toolbox did an excellent job on the bathroom renovation including replacing the entire subfloor. Jason and Alan did a great job rebuilding the floor and repairing the drywall. Tile work was done very professionally by their tile guy. Randy, project manager, was very helpful with the project ...
Al B. - Decatur, GA 30033
Bathroom Remodeling in Norcross, GA
We had them do everything from change out a light switch to rebuild a tile shower. We are thrilled with all of it. When a vendor didn't come through, they provided us with a more expensive option at no additional charge, even though it wasn't their fault! Even after we paid the balance and we ...
NDAMom - Norcross, GA 30003
Bathtub Replacement in Marietta, GA

The Trusted Toolbox did an excellent job replacing my bathtub. I would recommend them to anyone.

Al S. - Marietta, GA 30062